Terms and Conditions

When you enroll at the Telugu Bharati, you are accepting our terms and conditions. So, it is important that you understand our terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to explain anything you don’t understand. These terms and conditions are binding for all students.

Telugu Bharati is a Washington State nonprofit corporation operating a cultural school in Washington. Telugu Bharati’s mission is to promote Telugu Language, Indian Arts and Culture. The organization is run by volunteers and community members. The undersigned named student is a Student who wishes to attend Telugu Bharati and is referred to as “Student” in this agreement.

Payment Terms:

  • Parents are requested to pay the fees by Paypal to complete the registrations.
    1. Minimum fee for language courses: $100 USD
    2. Arts course payments vary based on the type of the course, duration of the course and location.

Cancellation & Refund policy:

    1. Requests for cancellation and refund must be submitted within 14 days from the registration date.
    2. For the cancellations requested within 14 days refunds will be issued via check or PayPal and it may take up to 1 week.
    3. For the cancellations requested after 14 days from the registration date, up to 75% of the fees will be refunded, and it will be issues by a check or PayPal.
    4. Language course fee is non-refundable once the classes begins or the registrations completed just two weeks before the class begin date

Class schedule and location information:

  • The class schedule and location information provided is correct at this time. But due to several external factors beyond Telugu Bharati control, the schedule and locations are subject to change. Any such changes will be communicated through email and on website. This page will have the updated information.

Student Evaluation:

  • At the beginning of the academic year, the student will be evaluated against the prerequisites the of the course enrolled. Based on the evaluation the teacher recommends to keep the student in the same level (course) or propose to move to another level. Parents should respect and agree to the decision and allow Telugu Bharati to make decision moving the student across levels.

Parental Responsibility:

    1. Parents are responsible for dropping off children at the respective classrooms before the beginning of class and picking them back up at the end of each class – please do not drop off or pick up children at the curb. Please also do not leave children in classrooms until the appointed teacher has arrived.
    2. Parking is available near the locations in which Telugu Bharati classes are conducted. Children and parents must use the designated crosswalks for going to and from the class location.
    3. Please plan to arrive a few minutes before the class time to allow for adequate time to park the car and walk your child to the respective classroom. This will help you be safe. Most unsafe conditions in parking lots are caused by delay induced rush.
    4. For purposes of this Agreement, the Parent is signing on behalf of all parents and/or Parents of the Student. The Parent agrees to bring Student to Telugu Bharati for their schedule course and to promptly pick up the Student at dismissal time the end of class. Telugu Bharati, with request in writing by the Parent, shall make reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Parent understands that Parent is solely responsible for the care of its student before and after the course. Telugu Bharati expects Parents to be responsible for their student obeying Telugu Bharati’s policies and rules, as updated from time to time. Parent also agrees to inform Telugu Bharati immediately of any unsafe conditions discovered by Parent at Telugu Bharati’s facilities.

Privacy Policy:

  • Your privacy is critically important to us. Please click the link privacy for more information. If you have questions about deleting or correcting your personal data please contact us.

Photo Release:

  • Parents expressly grants Telugu Bharati permission to use and publish photos, audio, video or electronic images of Student in Telugu Bharati Web site, emails, newsletters, social networking sites, and other presentations for public relations, fundraising and other purposes consistent with Telugu Bharati mission. I have read and understand Photo Release.

Liability Waiver and Release:

  • Parent freely and expressly releases Telugu Bharati, its board, officers, directors, employees, agents, management and its volunteers (collectively “Released Parties”) of any and all liability, resulting or arising from their Student’s attendance at Telugu Bharati. Further, Parent agrees to release, forever discharge, indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Released Parties from and all losses, damages, costs and attorney’s fees resulting from and all claims or suits for personal injury, death and/or property damages that may in any way arise out of Student or Parent’s participation in Telugu Bharati activities, or related activities.

Permission for Medical Treatment:

  • Parent hereby gives permission, consent and authorization for any medical treatment deemed necessary by a hospital or physician in case of an accident or illness while Student is attending Telugu Bharati. Parent appoints Telugu Bharati or its director, their lawful agent with power to authorize and consent to the administration of medical treatment during the aforementioned event. Parent assumes responsibility for any medical treatment as deemed appropriate. Parent also assumes responsibility for any medical bills incurred on their behalf. I have read and understand permission for Medical Treatment.

Term of this Agreement:

  • This agreement is effective from the date signed by Parent until revoked by Parent in writing. Parent specifically acknowledges that unless revoked in writing, this agreement, including the Liability Waiver, remains in effect over multiple school years. For avoidance of doubt, this Agreement, including the Liability Waiver, Privacy Policy remains in effect even if the student ceases regular attendance at Telugu Bharati for some time and then resumes attending Telugu Bharati.

Governing Law:

  • Any dispute regarding this agreement will be resolved in King County, Washington. The laws of the State of Washington will be used to interpret this agreement. If any part of this agreement is found to be unenforceable, the remaining parts of the agreement continue to be enforceable.


  • I have read and understand the terms described in this agreement. I agree to assume the responsibility stated above and waive all claims as indicated. I am signing on behalf of all parents and Parents of the student.